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Vortragsreihe "Women in Bioinformatics"Lecture Series "Women in Bioinformatics"

Are you interested in a scientific career as a woman in bioinformatics? You have questions and worries regarding how to get there?

The online lecture series "Women in Bioinformatics" provides the answers. Successful female scientists present their research, their career path and answer your questions.

Registration is now open for the next talk by Prof. Dr. Birte Kehr on 29.06.21, 16:00-17:30. Prof. Kehr is professor for Algorithmic Bioinformatics at the University of Regensburg. Her research focuses on genome sequence analysis, in particular the development of methods for discovery of structural variants, such as PopIns, PopDel and Stellar. Her work has led to the discovery of multiple structural variants involved in various diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

This is followed by a talk by Prof. Dr. Sabine Fischer on 20.07.21, 12:30-14:00. Prof. Fischer is professor for Supramolecular and Cellular Simulations at the Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology of the Universität Würzburg. Her research focuses on image-based mathematical modelling of multicellular systems in biomedical research. Her group previously developed discrete reaction-diffusion models to investigate the role of intercellular interactions during Drosophila morphogenesis and a three-dimensional agent-based model to investigate cellular aggregation. A further major emphasis of her work is on developing data-informed models. For this purpose, her group established a multiscale image analysis pipeline for three-dimensional fluorescence microscopy images and implemented three-dimensional cell graphs for studying the cell neighbourhood.

Participation is free but registration is required for every talk (Register here). Registration for each talk starts 6 weeks before the talk.

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Lecture plan:
Date Time Speaker
29.06.21 16:00-17:30 Prof. Dr. Birte Kehr
20.07.21 12:30-14:00 Prof. Dr. Sabine Fischer


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