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The quality of protein-protein interaction datasets covering the human interactome is limited with respect to coverage and accuracy. We present an automated informatics-aided and bioluminescence resonance energy transfer based (iBRET) method enabling high-throughput detection of interactions in living cells. Assay performance was benchmarked against a gold standard of five state-of-the-art methods resulting in significantly increased sensitivity at comparable specificity confirming its applicability for future genome-scale screens.

The iBRET software is freely available to all academic users

First steps

iBRET ist available as a graphical user interface (GUI) and command line version, which can be downloaded from this website (see below).

Step-by-step instructions for testing the GUI are provided here. Following these instructions is the easiest way to get familiar with iBRET (after installing it). For this purpose, you need to download the positive and negative reference interaction data from here.


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