GCB 2011: German Conference on Bioinformatics 2011

GCB 2011 - German Conference on Bioinformatics 2011

Weihenstephan, September 7-9, 2011

Paper Tracks (sorted by track)

HTHT-02Ludwig Geistlinger
From Sets To Graphs: Towards a Realistic Enrichment Analysis of Transcriptomic Systems
HT-15Florian Rasche, Ales Svatos, Ravi Kumar Maddula, Christoph Böttcher and Sebastian Böcker
Fragmentation trees from mass spectra: a step towards metabolite identification
HT-18Sergio Grimbs, Anne Arnold, Aneta Koseska, Jürgen Kurths, Joachim Selbig and Zoran Nikoloski
Spatiotemporal dynamics of the Calvin cycle: Multistationarity and symmetry breaking instabilities
HT-21Caroline C. Friedel, Lars Dölken and Ralf Zimmer
High resolution profiling of RNA synthesis and decay
HT-22Jan Krumsiek, Karsten Suhre, Thomas Illig, Jerzy Adamski and Fabian J. Theis
Gaussian graphical modeling reconstructs pathway reactions from high-throughput metabolomics data
HT-28Christian Schudoma, Abdelhalim Larhlimi and Dirk Walther
The influence of the local sequence environment on RNA loop structures
HT-35Fernando Meyer, Stefan Kurtz, Rolf Backofen, Sebastian Will and Michael Beckstette
Structator: fast index-based search for RNA sequence-structure patterns
HT-46Sebastian Klie
Metabolomic and transcriptomic stress response of Escherichia coli
HT-58Jens Keilwagen, Jan Grau, Ivan A. Paponov, Stefan Posch, Marc Strickert and Ivo Grosse
De-Novo Discovery of Differentially Abundant DNA Binding Sites Including Their Positional Preference
HT-66Matthias Heinig, Enrico Petretto, Chris Wallace, Anja Bauerfeind, Stefan Blankenberg, Martin Vingron, Norbert Hubner and Stuart Cook
A conserved trans-acting regulatory locus underlies an inflammatory gene network and susceptibility to autoimmune type 1 diabetes
JTJT-10J. Patrick Pett, Daniel H. Mehnert, Jonas Ibn-Salem, Ole Eigenbrod, Raik Otto, Stephan Knorr, Stina-Stephanie M. Richter and Roland Krause
Identification of shared components of protein complexes
JT-20Huy Dinh, Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid and Arndt Von Haeseler
MethColor: a computational approach to uncover DNA methylation heterogeneity
JT-27Haroon Naeem, Ralf Zimmer and Robert Küffner
Rigorous assessment of gene set enrichment tests
JT-38Sabine Hug, Daniel Schmidl, Wei Bo Li, Matthias Greiter and Fabian J. Theis
Bayesian Model Selection for Zirconium Processing in the Human Body after Ingestion
JT-40Eva Vennmann, Nadine Schneider and Matthias Rarey
Discrimination of permanent and transient heterodimers: The real challenge in the classification of protein-protein interactions
JT-41Sebastian Dümcke, Martin Seizl, Nicole Pirkl, Steffanie Etzold, Dietmar Martin and Achim Tresch
One Hand Clapping: Detection of condition-specic Transcription Factor Interactions from genome-wide gene activity Data
JT-43Michael Schwarzfischer, Carsten Marr, Jan Krumsiek, Philipp S. Hoppe, Adam Filipczyk, Timm Schroeder and Fabian J. Theis
Automated cell quantication allows inference of protein half-life from single cell time-lapse microscopy
JT-48Matthias Böck, Constanze Schmitt and Stefan Kramer
A Study of Dynamic Time Warping for the Inference of Gene Regulatory Relationships
JT-49Florian Erhard and Ralf Zimmer
Detecting outlier peptides in quantitative High-Troughput mass spectrometry
JT-50Robert Pesch and Ralf Zimmer
To transfer or not to transfer - Complementing the eukaryotic protein-protein interactome
JT-54Lukas Windhager, Jonas Zierer and Ralf Zimmer
Module Extraction from Ensembles of Networks
JT-56Martin Preusse, Andreas Kowarsch, Carsten Marr and Fabian J. Theis
miTALOS: Analyzing the tissue-specific regulation of signaling pathways by human and mouse microRNAs
JT-59Andre Dau and Johannes Krugel
tt-analyze and tt-generate: Tools to Analyze and Generate Sequences with Trained Statistical Properties
JT-64Alena Mysickova and Martin Vingron
Detection of interacting transcription factors in human tissues using predicted DNA binding affinity
JT-65Thomas Hoffmann and Iris Antes
Modeling the variable regions of T-Cell Receptors
JT-68Manuel Andreas Glaser and Iris Antes
Docking Peptides into MHC Class II Complexes
RTRT-19Martin Macguill, Tobias Petri and Ralf Zimmer
On Risk Stratification Strategies in Intensive Care Medicine
RT-31Jiabin Huang and Björn Voß
RNAHeliCes - Folding space analysis based on position aware structure abstraction
RT-34Ralf Eggeling, Jens Keilwagen and Ivo Grosse
Recognition of splice sites and transcription factor binding sites using generalized maximum entropy models
RT-44Orland Gonzalez, Georg Malterer, Ralf Zimmer and Jürgen Haas
Guilt by Association in Human RNAi Screens
RT-47Mathias Möhl, Christina Schmiedl and Shay Zakov
Sparsification in Algebraic Dynamic Programming
RT-55Anna Katharina Dehof, Hans-Peter Lenhof and Andreas Hildebrandt
Predicting Protein NMR Chemical Shifts in the Presence of Ligands and Ions using Force Field-based Features
RT-61Marco Mernberger and Eyke Huellermeier
Prediction of Protein Localization for Specialized Compartments using Time Series Kernels
RT-62Andreas S. Richter and Rolf Backofen
Accessibility and conservation in bacterial small RNA-mRNA interactions and implications for genome-wide target predictions